This is the first stage of learning to ride, the Compulsory Basic Training course and it is just that, a course not a test. You will progress through 5 elements of training (more details of these are below) with each one building upon the last with the goal of reaching the final element which is a two hour road ride under close supervision and radio instruction. If all 5 elements are completed to a safe and satisfactory level you will be issued with a CBT certificate which will allow you to ride as a learner for two years on either a 50cc (16+ years old) or a 125cc* (17+ years old) machine.

(* with a power output up to 11Kw/14bhp)

Most people complete the course in a day but be aware it can take longer as we all learn at different rates and we want you to be safe - and so should you.


The CBT Course

The course comprises of five elements;

ELEMENT A - This is an introduction to the course and it's aims and discuss the use of equipment & clothing.

ELEMENT B - Here you will be introduced to your machine and shown the various controls and their functions, basic maintenance checks and some manual handling with safe manoeuvring of the bike and use of the stand/s.

ELEMENT C - This is what most people associate with CBT, here you will be shown how to start/stop the engine and then progress to riding the machine through a series of exercises designed to teach you safe control. These include pulling away and stopping, correct braking technique, riding in a straight line, riding slowly, left and right turns, U turn, figure of 8, emergency stop, gear changing (if applicable).

ELEMENT D - This is a theory based element where various aspects of riding safely on the road are discussed including, legal requirements, responsibility/vulnerability, weather effects, road surfaces and much more.

ELEMENT E - This is the final element where you will ride on public roads to put into practice what you have learned. You will be under close supervision and radio instruction throughout the 2 hour road session and must demonstrate that you are suitably safe to receive your certificate of completion that will allow you to ride with L/D plates for 2 years unsupervised.

Each Element is taught at your pace and that ultimately decides the length of the course.

The course is normally completed in a day - but not always. Your safety is our concern.

Things you can do to help you on your course.

  • Arrive on time - there's a lot to learn

  • Read the Highway Code

  • Don't forget your licence

  • Dress appropriately - helmet, jacket and gloves are provided but soft trainers and tracksuit bottoms are not acceptable!

  • If you normally wear glasses bring them with you.

  • Bring a snack/drink for midway through

  • Try the Ridefree eLearning below

  • If you have any questions use the button below or text the mobile number anytime- we're here to help


Prepare yourself...

The DVSA have introduced Ridefree eLearning to help you get the most out of your CBT and enjoy two wheels safely. It is free to use and will test and improve your knowledge. What you will learn will also assist with theory and practical tests in the future.


                          Give it a try here.